Nice Fail Kid!

Who Gave These Kids A Keyboard

Month: November, 2011

Nice Fail Bitch…


Some bitches will never understand the concept of troll detection/prevention. And this…this was one nice fail kid.



No life fail.


So how sad is it when you have the time to do this? Nice fail at a social life kid. Or did you make this to show off to your Minecraft girlfriend (AKA 55 year old naked guy at his computer Ref: Yup…you certainly do fail kid.

Nice Fail Kid.


Nice fail to this poor child. Apparently his parents are either extremely cruel to A) give him this failmobile B) take this picture.

Keep rollin’ rollin’…oh yeah, thats right…RAGE!

Martin Brown, Fail Kid Of The Week.

Martin Brown

Congratulations to Martin Brown for being the Fail Kid Of The Week!

His fail: Asking my girlfriend for nudes knowing she had a boyfriend.

Our resolution: Sent him nudes, of the wrong person (Pat), of course.

His FaceBook:

His phone number: 570-352-7627

Give this fail kid the trolling he deserves! Nice Fail Kid!